Authenticate Good’s ownerships with Blockchain
Use Ownest to track and transfer the responsability of any goods through the supply chain
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01. Solution
Trace & Certify each step of a Product life with Ownest’s proof of ownership

Thanks to our Blockchain Apps and APIs, each component and good can be traced with its unique cryptographic tracker. That allows to trace a product from the production decision by the brand to the end customer and also on the second market.

The brand create a number of assets equivalent to what it want the factory to produce

It transfers the asset created to the factory

The Factory accept the asset with the app or API

The factory associate the product and the asset

From now the product is sent with the asset through all the supplychain phases

The distributor receive the product and the asset, it will accept the asset if it has the product

The tracker can be used as a certificate and given to the customer with the product

Ownest is a solution for all the supplychain, from the brand to the 2nd market

02. Traceability
OWNEST can trace everything
Luxury goods

Create unique digital certificates for goods that are unique

Components & Parts

Trace and follow expensive or dangerous components with absolute certification of each exchange through all the chain


Create unique identities and trace vehicles through all their life


Certificate and trace digital or real documents

Palets & containers

Follow responsibility of each actor over palets and containers through all the Supplychain, to never pay for lost and thief again


Trace and certify the life of pharmaceuticals products, and avoid that fakes enter the market


Trace and certify the life of food, transformed or not, from the farmer to the distributor and the consumer

Identity & Process

Create unique identity with blockchain and autentify anyone with ease with a real privacy

03. Our Applications
Ownest Apps: Traceability on the go
Ownest app enable everyone to receive, store and send his certificates
Brand, creators, and supplychain operators can create and follow trackers for their assets on real time with Ownest Pro Solutions
04. Certificate
Track your products and create certificates for your customers
05. Ownership
Use proof of ownership for

The certificate can support warranty through all the life of the product, even when given to an other customer


The certificate can support the product insurances through all its life, even when given to an other customer

Custom Duties
Custom Duties

Certificate can prove to custom duties where and when the product was bought, with certainty and ease

Public Status
Public Status

Anyone can identify its certificates online and prove that he owns it

06. SITL Prize
Our solution was rewarded at the SITL pitch contest in 2017

SITL is the biggest fair on supplychain and logistics and reward each year the most promising project among the startups in the supplychain field of expertise.

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