Empowering actors in your Supplychain.

Ownest the blockchain-based platform for transfering liability
Visualize in real time the liability ownership of your goods in the entire supply chain

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Plug & Play

A fast, simple and intuitive mobile app for every actor in your supply chain.

Real Time

Visualize and manage in real time who are the liability owners but also the journey of your goods.

Tracking on Blockchain

An optimal securing of the goods thanks to our digital Blockchain trackers; tamper-proof, unique and immutable.

Stop paying for others...

Thanks to Ownest, the liability owner for your goods is always identified.

Get rid of the losses, thefts and degradations.

Ownest creates a virtuous cycle in your logistic chains and ensures that failing actors of your supply chain are held liable for their actions, so that you do not have to pay for their fault anymore.

Collect certified data in real time.

Put your supply chain to contribution by having it collect certified data in the field for you. Visualize in real time your entire inventory, the way it is distributed on your network and detect bottlenecks and failing points.

Save time on the spot.

With the Ownest App, everybody can easily and quickly take liability for goods. Anyone, even without training, becomes an actor of your network. You will cut down long, costly and innefective paperwork.

CARREFOUR - ECR Trophy by the Commerce Institute

Rolls follow-up and tracking

Using Ownest, this major distributor tracks its reusable packages through warehouses, independant carriers and convenience stores.

Without complex IT implementations and without links to previous IOT deployment, Ownest allows to identify liability owner for each one of the 8,000 rolls on the network.