With blockchain NFTs

Create ownership tokens

For each of your goods, you will be able to create with Ownest a blockchain token, a tracker of ownership.

Transfer of Responsibility

The Mobile App

Each time a transfer of physical products is made on the field, the supply chain operators will transfer the tokens of accountability associated with the Ownest web-app.

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An app made simple

The transfer of Responsibility

  • Take

    Select the goods

    The supply chain actors who transfers the physical goods to the following actor will select the products he wants to transfer with the app
  • Verify

    Verify the transfer

    After selection, the sender confirms the sending of the goods. He can also add pictures and comments to the transfer.
  • Receive

    Receiving accountabilty

    The logistics operator receiving the tokens will accept the transfer while verifying that the goods are adequate. If not, he can justify with pictures and comments.

Field transparency in real time

The Dasboard

The Dashboard will be the control tower of your supply chain activity. By receiving the field data collected by your logistics operators, the dashboard is the ultimate tool to visualise KPI and act on your Supply Chain.

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A real time data visualization


  • Identify


    who is in charge of your products at each step of production and distribution.
  • Trace


    the path of your products' lives.
  • Observe


    the distribution of your stock across your logistic points.
  • Monitor


    your logistics network thanks to the data collected

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