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your goods along the way

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exchanges to stop losses

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difficult and costly tasks, and simplify your supply chain

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all your inventory in real time

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on the field with our mobile apps

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your networks thanks to the collected data

Number of assets traced with Ownest
Number of transactions carried out with Ownest
60% %
Reduced turnaround time with Ownest
0% %
Loss with Ownest
Smartphone Home page of the Ownest Supply Chain mobile application

Field app

Your application for the field

  • Transfer or accept charge of goods without hassles

  • Select and check exchanges quantities easily

  • Only one phone is needed for an exchange between two people


A real time data visualization

Ownest dahsboard screen
Ownest dahsboard screen
Ownest dahsboard screen
  • Identify

    who has taken charge of your property as you go along

  • Prove

    the reality of a transfer with the blockchain

  • Automate

    certain tasks to increase efficiency

  • Optimize

    your logistics network thanks to the data collected

Other features

Ownest has other great features to show

IOT network

Pair Ownest with IOTs

It is possible to pair your IOTs with Ownest to collect and monitor more information from your stocks

Billing illustration

Simplified invoicing

Thanks to Ownest Supplychain applications, you can automatically and simply edit your invoicing.

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