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Jun 21, 2023

Discover Ownest staking ecosystem

You know Ownest for its professional accountability tracking solution, and Owalt, its NFT wallet accessible to everyone. But have you heard of Ownest Staking?

In 2019, we were diligently looking for a solution to scale: faster and cheaper transactions, and a more reliable network than the blockchain we were using at the time (ETC). It was at the annual Ethereum conference (Devcon V in Osaka) that we discovered a promising project: Matic.

The meeting with the creators of this project immediately convinced us: Matic offered all the desired advantages (speed, cost), a strong team, and, most importantly, had envisioned a security system based on Ethereum through a decentralized staking system. Therefore, we did not hesitate and chose to embark on what would become the future Polygon ecosystem.

Naturally, we decided to participate in securing Matic by becoming a validator node on the test network in 2020. Then it went into production in 2021, and we became validator node #47. In the following years, we focused on providing a reliable node to the community, but in 2023, we decided to take it to the next level by creating Ownest Staking.

Our vision with Ownest Staking is to improve the staking experience on Polygon. Not only for our delegates but for any participant in staking.

The Kiln x Ownest partnership

The first step in offering a superior staking experience is to provide reliable infrastructure for both professional and individual stakers.

That's why we partnered with Kiln, a leader in institutional infrastructure and staking, which has allowed us to offer a "Kiln x Ownest" node with over 99% reliability since the beginning of the year.

Institutional clients can also access Kiln's enterprise services for staking through Kiln's product suite. MATIC staking is available through the Kiln dashboard or Kiln Connect, an all-in-one SDK for staking.

For Ownest, this partnership allowed us to focus on what we could bring to the community and individual staker. These considerations led to the launch of Ownest Staking.

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An all in one dashboard for Polygon staking

We developed the Ownest Staking dashboard with one idea in mind: to simplify and clarify staking on Polygon for delegates.

Simplify: The Ownest Staking dashboard does not require any personal information. Unlike, you can log in with the wallet of your choice and see all the important information about your staking at a glance. You can also manage your delegation, add or withdraw stakes.

Clarify: What is your staking history on Polygon? This seemingly simple question is difficult to answer with traditional tools. The Polygon staking website only allows you to know the unstake actions.

With Ownest Staking, we have developed a comprehensive history that allows you to track all the actions you have taken with your account: stake addition/removal, restaking, withdrawal, and even delegation transfers.

We continue to develop tools for the Polygon community. In addition to the dashboard tools, we also wanted to address the question: "How can you explore the history of Polygon's staking validations and rewards?"

With our explorer, you can now access the complete history of Polygon checkpoints and know the current status (on the last 1000 checkpoints). We will cover this explorer and Polygon staking in an upcoming article.

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NFTs "Staking OG" for early delegates

We wanted to reward delegates who have been with us for a long time and allow them to recover 100% of their stake despite the commission increasing to 5% as part of our partnership with Kiln.

To achieve this, we created a collection of NFTs on Ethereum, which allows the holder to receive a 100% commission rebate, which can be claimed on either Polygon or Ethereum, depending on their choice.

This collection features 5 different designs, ranging from Rookie to Venerable based on the delegate's seniority.

You will soon be able to see your OG NFTs in a Staking Artifacts section on the Ownest Staking website, where you can view the associated benefits and choose your reward chain.

These NFTs are just the beginning of a larger offering of Artifact NFTs designed to boost the staking earnings of the holder. More information coming soon 👀

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OGs Collection:

Information and community

We have created a forum to keep the community informed about the latest updates for Ownest Staking, as well as what is happening around Polygon and its governance. The Polygon ecosystem is constantly evolving, and it is important to understand its implications (Polygon recently announced its v2.0:

To stay in touch with Ownest Staking, we invite you to follow our Twitter account and join the Telegram or Discord communities.

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A new vision of Polygon staking

With Ownest Staking, we continue to innovate to provide staking tools for everyone. We started with a dashboard that offers a clearer view and history of the delegate's staking status, and we are developing a unique "staking explorer" to better understand the status of Polygon staking.

For our delegates, we created "OG NFTs" that provide a regular 100% commission rebate, and we will soon introduce "Artifact NFTs" to enhance delegation yields.

Stay updated on Twitter or through our Telegram/Discord channels for upcoming developments.

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