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Jan 10, 2023

Ownest & Kiln partner to provide an enhanced staking experience on Polygon

We're excited to share that we've partnered with Kiln, a leading provider of Staking infrastructure, to provide the best staking experience on Polygon for both individual and institutional customers

Ownest is a Polygon Validator since 2020

This is not a well-known fact, but we are a long-time validator on the Polygon network. We met the team, known as Matic at that time, in Osaka for the Devcon V in 2019, and we identified the solution as one of the very best for our scaling needs.

Following this encounter, we started a validator node on the Matic testnet and have continued on the mainnet until today, operating node n°47. We see this activity as essential because, as users of the network, we want to help secure it and stay informed of its developments.

Today, we're taking a step forward with this new partnership.

Kiln x Ownest partnership

Kiln is a French startup that has recently raised $17m to build the future of staking. With this new partnership, we will now jointly manage our validator node on the Polygon network. Kiln will handle the technical infrastructure operations while we focus on building a strong community and promoting good governance.

The validator node will now be known as "Kiln x Ownest" and together we will ensure that staking with us is safe, easy, profitable, and fun!

Institutional customers will now have access to Kiln's enterprise-grade services and can stake through Kiln’s product suite. MATIC staking is already available via Kiln Dashboard or Kiln Connect, an all-in-one SDK for staking.

As an individual customer, you will now be able to access our new website Ownest Staking.

What is Ownest Staking?

Ownest Staking is dedicated to creating a new experience for retail customers by building a community around staking, with rewards and discussions.

While anyone can stake through the Polygon staking interface, it will now be possible to use the new Ownest Staking Dashboard.

Delegating through our dashboard will have several benefits:

  • Clear visualization: we aim to provide the best user experience, making it easy to access your staking information.
  • Exclusive rewards: by staking through our dashboard, you'll have the opportunity to register for community-specific rewards, such as NFTs.
  • No fees: whatever the commission on the validator node, we'll redistribute it to you so you receive 100% of your stakes.

All of these features are designed to create a better community experience and are just the beginning.

Community Experience

Why so lonely? Staking doesn’t have to be a solitary experience, and we want to change that by fostering community engagement.

To start, we want to keep you informed about what's happening on our node and the Polygon network, and provide a space for you to discuss and share your thoughts. This is a step towards community governance.

To achieve this, we have launched the Ownest Staking Forum, where you can view the latest discussions and start your own::

Additionally, we have also a Telegram and Discord channels for easy communication and easy access, and for a rich community experience

Towards the best Polygon Staking Experience

We are thrilled to be partnering with Kiln, a leader in staking infrastructure, to offer a superior staking experience for both individual and institutional customers on the Polygon network. As a long-time validator on the Polygon network, we understand the importance of a strong community and the role it plays in the growth of the network.

By joining forces with Kiln and leveraging their enterprise-grade services, we can provide a seamless staking experience for our customers. We invite the community to join us on this journey as we work together to strengthen and grow the Polygon network.


“It’s a pleasure working with Quentin and the Ownest team who have been building in the space for a long time. We’re excited to partner together and deliver a great staking experience for the Polygon community.” - Ernest Oppetit, Kiln CPO

“We are thrilled to join forces with Kiln, who are already leaders in staking infrastructure, to bring the best staking experience to the Polygon community. Together, we will offer something truly unique and innovative to Polygon stakers.” - Quentin de Beauchesne, Ownest MD

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