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Mar 12, 2019

SITL Europe: a prestigious supply chain trade show and a long-time partner

Once again, Ownest takes part in SITL Europe, an opportunity for us to recall our previous participations.

Between SITL Europe and our startup, it's been a longtime story and a mutual favorite.

It's a story made of pitches, meetings and prizes awarding several months of R&D to develop a reliable blockchain app, able to assist distributors in their merchandises tracking.

The logistics innovation prize attributed each year to firms and startups responding to modern supply chains stakes.

The jury, composed of supply chain, logistics and purchases directors, but also university professors gave to Ownest, the jury favorite award in 2018.

Spotted at Tech Off 2018, our product responsability traceability solution win over a demanding audience.

The jury panel has well recognised the added value of our solution, which means the seamless supply chain monitoring, the ressources economy on the entire provision chain, the responsability identification in case of losses, thieft or damages or the data inviolability.

Long-serving the salon, our startup will be there both at its booth F78 with the startup E-dentic and on stage.

Meet our CEO, Clément Bergé Lefranc for three important moments:

  • Thursday March 26th, at 5:15 PM: workshop "Fusing IOT, blockchain and AI to secure logistics, is it feasible and for which ROI?" - Workshop 2
  • Wednesday March 27th, at 2:45 PM: Conference AI & Blockchain: beyond the hype, which application in logistics?" - room A
  • Wednesday March 27th, at 4:15 PM: Conference Innovation Prize winners 2018: what happened to them? - room A

Get more informations on the official website of the event:

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