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Lafayette LPNP startups
Sep 05, 2019

Ownest has been at Lafayette Plug and Play for two years now

For almost two years, Ownest moved to the Lafayette Plug and Play retail tech and fashion tech accelerator, a French subsidiary of the Plug and Play Tech Center, the first US innovation platform.

During this period, the Lafayette Plug and Play teams led by Pieter Lammens were the privileged witnesses and triggers of the transformation of the supply chain start-up.

From four people to about fifteen employees, the blockchain traceability solution has managed to capture the attention of industrial decision-makers and distributors, gaining numerous awards, including twice an award at the SITL, the international logistics innovation forum.

In the wide aisles of this bright open space, made of Scandinavian furniture and meeting rooms wrapped in plexiglass cubes, Clément Bergé-Lefranc even pitched our solution against Mounir Mahjoubi, then French Secretary of State for Digital Technology.

Well determined to break siloed supply chain technology, the start-up intends to rely on its innovation of responsibility transfer monitoring to build a real quality standard through blockchain technology.

The blockchain-powered start-up applied to logistics has decided to extend the experiment initiated in 2017 via a three-month acceleration program.

A sign of the times and our good starting position for the immense potential of technology, the accelerator once again puts the blockchain in the spotlight for the start of the 2019 school year.

The selection of batch n°7 demonstrates the organisers' willingness to respond to the counterfeiting issues faced by luxury houses.

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